Who is Lunaxod?

Finally decided to use this domain name that I bought more than one year ago.

I’m CEO of Intelligent Call Tracking service Ringostat.

I’m not fan of blogging but hope time to time I will find some time to make some notes about my work and practice cases here.

Also I plan post mostly in my not very good english for practice but sometimes it would be russian posts.

Shortly about myself:

I started my career in internet marketing with small e-commerce project with portable solar batteries in 2005. At that time I started to learn something about SEO, PPC advertising and analytics for myself. Tried myself in selling links and SEO copywriting. Created some MFA web-sites.

In 2010 I started my career in Netpeak internet marketing agency as SEO specialist, later was SEO team-lead, Head of SEO department, started PPA department, launched landing page creation service.

But at some moment I realized that my true passinon is WEB-analytics. I started deeply learning of Google Analytics. Not only the basics but deeper analytics, how it works, what happens when script of GA work, how it saves data, what cookies does it use, how it sends data to server, how we can modify it to get better insights, do some changes and implement split tests.

I had cases when changing LP made double increase in conversion rate. Little changes on this new page gave us 30% more.

But deeper I learned analytics more and more I realized that we missing something and that something were phone calls. Phone calls are great conversions but GA doesn’t see them, even visit with one pageview that finished as phone call is bounce while it’s great conversion. So we made first prototype of Ringostat it was only classic call tracking, had lot of issues but still we get much more insights. I understand that it is my way and we need to do more we made dynamic call tracking. When Google made Universal Analytics with Measurement Protocol as soon as I get invite to beta we made integration. I felt almos orgasm seeing phone calls linked to visitor of the web-site in Alanytics.

First phone call in test account we send to Universal Analytics 29 December 2012 I’m not sure but looks like we were first with such integration but I was to shy and stupid not to shout about this wherever it was possible.

From that time lot of things changed. Ringostat now is Great product I’m CEO of it, we have lot of plans what to implement. Roadmap for more than two years ahead.

So who am I?

My name is Oleksandr, I’m from Odessa, Ukraine. WEB-analyst, certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords, know a lot about Google Tag Manager, SEO, PPC, something about other Internet Marketing services, CEO of Ringostat Intelligent Call Tracking service, speaker at the conferences.

What is this blog about and what for?

It’s not the official Ringostat blog, it’s place where I will left notes about my work, my interests, WEB-analytics, something I learned, if you have interesting questions for me I can try to answer so don’t hesistate to ask.