Building GTM Server side client

Google some time ago created a great new instrument. New Google Tag Manager Server-side, there is a lot of information on why it’s so cool and what it can help. So I won’t stop on this much.

The summary is that it’s a new type of tagging that runs on a Google server (now not only Google) and can run different tags on each call, improving them with some data that is not cool to keep on the front end, e.g.,, profit on the transaction. Also, it runs on your subdomain, so AdBlocks hard to get so that you will track most of the users. And you can deal with Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention from capping its expiration to just 7 days.

Today I want to share how I built a client that works mostly like a smart proxy. I built this client for the Ringostat script, but you can use it the same way for any other tracking.

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